Members of our team attended the recent conference INVOLVE at 21: Celebrate the progress of public involvement in research and consider the opportunities ahead. Here are the posters and video we produced and presented at the Conference:

A Gibson Poster INVOLVE Conference 2017 People in Health West of England: A regional network for promoting public involvement

M Kok Poster INVOLVE Conference 2017 Developing a toolkit for patient and public involvement in antimicrobial medicines development research: breaking new ground

R Davies Poster INVOLVE Conference 2017 Discovering the role of public co-applicant

N Hopewell-Kelly Poster INVOLVE Conference 2017 Making it meaningful; overcoming the challenges in involving vulnerable people

M Bell Video INVOLVE Conference 2017 Making it meaningful – Public involvement in research

S Tweddell Workshop slides INVOLVE Conference 2017 This was for a workshop on public involvement with the charity and voluntary sector, drawing on the West of England Academic Health Science Networks Diabetes Digital Coach as a case study

J Jackson Poster INVOLVE Conference 2017 Preventing post-operative urinary retention: an example of researcher-patient co-production