A student on the MSc Biomedical Sciences Research course at the University of Bristol is looking for healthy participants under 65 for a study into parts of the brain that are involved in vision and memory.

Closing date: Recruitment will end by Friday 9 August 2019.

For: All members of the public aged between 10 to 65, with no visual or neurological conditions.

What: The study involves a 20-minute MRI scan and a 15-minute visual memory test. The aim is to have the MRI scan and visual memory test done within 1 hour.

When: Within the next few months.

Where: All testing will be done at the Clinical Research and Imaging Centre in Bristol, University of Bristol, 60 St Michael’s Hill, Bristol, BS2 8DX.

Expenses: No payment is available for this opportunity but participants are welcome to take home a MR image of their brain.

More information: If you are interested, have a read of the study information sheet and complete the MRI initial screening form. This form is to ensure that potential participants qualify for a scan but please note that answering ‘YES’ to any questions would not necessarily exclude you from the study. If you have read the information sheet and are still happy to take part, email the completed screening form to Cecilia Jobin cj14236@my.bristol.ac.uk. N.B. Please leave the witness signature blank.