Patient and carer input to research on avoiding emergency hospital admissions for older people

A Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) session is being held on Friday 29 January 2016, in Bristol, for older people who have either recently been discharged from hospital or who have healthcare issues that may cause them to be admitted in an emergency situation in future.  We are also interested in talking to anyone who is the carer of someone in these circumstances.

As part of an NIHR-funded study, we have been carrying out research to try to define the characteristics of those older patients for whom the decision to admit to hospital may be unclear.  We now want to check our understanding of the findings with patients and carers themselves, and to hear their real-life experiences / views about hospital admission and discharge.  This will help us think about the next phase of our research.

If you have patients aged 65+ who have had an emergency admission in the recent past, or who may be at risk of such an admission, and you think may be willing and able to help us, please give them the invitation below and encourage them (or their carer) to contact us.  Thank you.

PPI invite for primary care

Sue Jenkins (PPI Co-ordinator for the ‘Managing Uncertainty for older people’ NIHR Programme Development Grant)

Telephone:  07810 540041 or e-mail: