INVOLVE has sent a reminder that, if you work for/with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), it’s important that you offer access to the free and confidential Benefits Advice Service to all those undertaking paid involvement with your organisation. Expert guidance from the Benefits Advice Service can support anyone involved with any NIHR organisation or NIHR-funded study (or subscribing partner organisation).

Members of the public who are in receipt of welfare benefits and are offered payment for involvement need to consider how the payment might affect their benefits. This is a complex topic on which the Benefits Advice Service has expert knowledge and it can offer valuable advice to those who:

  • are considering becoming involved
  • are considering whether to accept a payment
  • have already received payment but are concerned about declaring it to benefits agencies.

The advice is free, confidential, informed by the latest regulations and personalised (the advice is specific to the individual’s circumstances). Please ask anyone wishing to access the service to email or to phone on: 02380 651088.