Closing date: Ongoing opportunity

For: Parents of young children. Experience of a similar role is not needed, and any necessary training will be given.

What: The Centre for Academic Primary Care (CAPC) infection team at the University of Bristol is working on a range of research projects to improve how coughs, colds, chest and other common infections are managed, and help the NHS ensure that children who need it receive appropriate treatment. There are various ways you could get involved with this research, including reading documents to make them more parent- and child-friendly, or attending a focus group.

When: Activities could be by email or in person. One of the projects has its first meeting in August, and others will start later, so please get in touch at any time to find out how you could be involved

Where: Meetings will be held either at CAPC, in Clifton, Bristol, or somewhere that is convenient for you

Payment: Public contributors are paid £15-25 per hour depending on the tasks required, plus £15 for pre-meeting preparation or paperwork between meetings. Local travel will be reimbursed.

For more information:   Click here or contact the CAPC Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement coordinators, Victoria Wilson and Julie Clayton