Have you called NHS 111 worried about COVID symptoms?

The Universities of Bristol, Oxford and Southampton are looking for six members of the public to join their advisory panel.

The role is open to any patients, parents or carers with experience of calling NHS 111 between March and June this year for themselves, or on behalf of another individual, with symptoms that they were worried could be COVID-19.

There team of researchers from the Universities of Oxford, Bristol and Southampton, are planning to listen back to recordings of NHS 111 phone calls. Then they will identify and describe common caller concerns, and how call-takers manage these concerns. They will also explore how call-takers make sure callers know when and how to seek further medical help.

The role of lay advisor is flexible but could include:
• Helping them choose the most important things to include in training for call takers
• Helping to plan the best ways to communicate and share their findings with the wider public.

You could take part in a group video conference, or talk to our researchers privately by phone, whichever you prefer.
You will receive online shopping vouchers to recognise your contribution.

Please get in touch by 15th December
Their website is https://calling111aboutcovid.wordpress.com/
Or email the study team via open-project@bristol.ac.uk