Closing date: 20 September

What: The University of the West of England (UWE) has been training radiographers for many years and would like your help in updating their training course. They are running two online workshops beginning on 9 September where you can share your views, comment on ideas and rate other people’s views. All views are anonymous.

For: Anyone who lives in Bristol and has had an x-ray or health scan.

Where and when: The conversation will take place online, you can register here. The first workshop is open 9 – 20 September. The second workshop will take place from 7-18 October. You can comment and/ or vote on ideas at a time that suits you.

In December 2019 a follow-up questionnaire will be sent to learn about your experiences of the tool. This is to help the research team better understand why people have taken part.

For more information: You can take part here, find out more here or contact the researcher directly on if you have any further questions.