Care Opinion is a place where you can share your experience of health or care services, and help make them better for everyone.

Using a simple online form you can share your story. It could be a story about you, or someone close to you. You can say what happened, what was good, and what could have been better.

Your story may get published and shared with staff in the services who need to see it. You can also see other people’s stories and see how stories are leading to change.

Care Opinion think that by sharing honest experiences of care, we learn to see the world differently. Working together, we can all help make care better.

They are a non-profit organisation, funded mainly through subscriptions from health and care organisations and have been sharing people’s experiences of health and care services online since 2005. They have built a national and international reputation for their innovative and value-led approach to online feedback.

Find out more on their website or from this short video