Closing date: 16 September 2019


  • People who have experience of accessing NHS services to help them lose weight (weight management services*) OR
  • People who have experience of caring for someone who has accessed NHS weight management services.

*NHS weight management services could either be those accessed through a GP practice (in primary care) or hospital-based specialist weight management services (including bariatric surgery).

What: Researchers from the University of Bristol are setting up a study to investigate how people get access to NHS weight management services, particularly specialist (hospital-based) weight management services, including bariatric surgery. An introductory meeting is being held where you can find out more about the study and comment on the current study plan. There will be opportunities for ongoing involvement in the project.

When and where: The meeting will take place on Monday 23 September from 11am-1pm at a central Bristol location. A light lunch will be provided.

Expenses: Travel expenses to attend the meeting will be reimbursed (please keep receipts), and participants will receive a £50 love2shop voucher for their time.

For more information: Please contact Karen Coulman on (anytime) or 0117 42 83132 (after 19 August) if you would like to attend the meeting or if you would like more information.