Involvement Opportunity Title:  The effects of antidepressant withdrawal on mood and neurocognitive function

For: Patients with experience of taking antidepressants who have discontinued at least one antidepressant medication type in the past (e.g., Prozac, Citalopram) and who may or may not be taking antidepressant medication currently.

What:  A PhD student is preparing to conduct an online study investigating the effects of withdrawing from antidepressant medication on mood and emotion/social processing. I am looking for participants who are interested in sharing their experiences of antidepressant medication use and in particular, answering questions around withdrawal. I am also hoping to get feedback on my research questions, study design and study materials, with the aim of making the research more accessible and reducing participant burden.

When: If interested please email to discuss arranging an online session which could last up to an hour. Sessions will be arranged from week beginning 18 Jan 2021 until we have enough respondents.

Where:  Online (MS Teams or Zoom call)
Expenses: Volunteer basis
Closing Date: 30 Jan 2021 (first instance)

For more Information: 
please email Raqeeb Mahmood, or go to