Our new workshop on the evaluation of public involvement is developing well.  We’ve run early versions of the workshop with the Centre for Appearance Research at the University of the West of England, and in October 2018 for the first time we delivered it for the People in Health West of England regional network’s learning and development programme.  The workshop includes sharing some of the key issues and debates about the evaluation of public involvement, and then outlines three different approaches to help participants plan and develop their own evaluations.  We’ve had really useful feedback and have now taken it to the conference in Newcastle on ‘International Perspectives on Evaluation of Patient and Public Involvement in Research’ 15-16 November 2018.  We are looking forward to sharing the outline of our new workshop and getting further feedback from colleagues to ensure what we offer hits the spot.  We hope that we might find some new collaborators who would like to deliver our workshop so that we can develop it further.