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People in Health West of England (PHWE) is a new initiative promoting innovative and effective public involvement in research and evidence-based service improvement.

People in Health West of England promotes public involvement amongst professionals and members of the public through:


Involvement Opportunities

We promote opportunities for members of the public to be involved in research and evidence-based service improvement.

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People in Health West of England (PHWE) is a new initiative promoting innovative and effective public involvement in research and evidence-based service improvement.

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We run our own conferences and seminars as well as publicise relevant events run by other organisations.

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We produce a regular Newsflash, geared to members of the public as well as researchers and health professionals.

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Latest events

Enhancing Facilitation Skills Workshop, 11 May

+ For: Researchers, health professionals/other staff currently running Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) meetings and groups (and those who will soon be taking on this responsibility).  This course is also open to members of the public who are, or will be, facilitating...

Public Involvement Journal Club, 18 May

+ Journal Club dates are: Thursday 2nd February 2017 Thursday 13th April 2017 Thursday 18th May 2017 Thursday 6th July 2017 Rooms and articles for discussion will be confirmed for each meeting. The paper is available just prior to the Journal...

Who provides what dementia services in Bristol and South Gloucestershire, 18 May

+ Are you unsure who provides what services for people living with dementia in Bristol and South Gloucestershire? If so, this is an opportunity to find out what services are available. You will also have the chance to ask questions about...

Involvement Opportunities

Involvement opportunity – National survey of carers of people with dementia

For: Current carers of people with dementia, which we are defining as carers of people still living at home (i.e. their home or yours, or supported housing, but not residential care or a nursing home).

What:  The University of York is conducting a ground breaking research project looking at the support carers get in different areas of England and how this affects them.

Involvement Opportunity – Predicting arm recovery after stroke Study Group Members

For: People with experience of stroke affecting the arm.

What:  North Bristol NHS Trust are applying to the Stroke Association for funding to carry out a study which will test whether information from advanced MRI scans can predict how well people recover after stroke affecting the function of one or both arms.

Involvement Opportunity – Cancer patients to help with a study on receiving chemotherapy closer to home

For: Cancer patients who have had chemotherapy.  Including patients who received their chemotherapy in hospital, and those who had it at a mobile unit, or in a ‘satellite’ unit or at home.

What: Researchers based in Bristol are planning a research study to evaluate the potential of receiving chemotherapy closer to home instead of in hospital.  An initial meeting to find out more about the study and help researchers to consider patient perspectives in the design of the study.

Our four core partners are the key health bodies tasked with taking forward research and evidence-based innovation in the West of England. They have all made a strategic commitment to work together to involve the public at all levels of the work they do.
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